Friday, April 19, 2013

ABC Challenge 'O' - OPI Gradient!

Hi all!

Getting the hang of this schedule.... I think. Not really.

Anyway, for about two weeks now I've been staring at three polishes on my table determined to do a gradient with them but I kept putting it off because I just didn't have time or was too tired. Imagine my joy when I sat down all determined to gradient it up and realized HOLY CRAP, this totally fit this week's ABC challenge prompt! That just gave me the boost I needed to get it done and I love the results!

All 3 polishes are from OPI, You're Such a Buda-pest, Can't Find My Czechbook and Eurso Euro.

My original intention was  to stamp over the gradient but I wanted to wear it on its own first. I wore it as is for maybe two or three days (because I was too lazy to stamp and afraid I'd ruin it) and then I had a bad-ish nail break on my middle nail so I had to remove it :'(. It was pretty while it lasted!

Have a great weekend loves! I heart you all for your comments, I really, really do.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ABC Challenge 'N' - Nails Inc. Sweets Way

Hi all!

Still being a pretty terrible blogger/nail enthusiast but I did manage to find a super old post that coincided with this week's challenge so here it is!

This mani was done in a rush for my neighbor's baby shower and while I truly enjoy the braided nails look, for the love of polish, don't ever use a sheer base glitter polish for the braid. This mani would have been so much better if I would have just used a solid white as an accent nail. Oh well.

Two coats of Nails Inc. Sweets Way, Essie Bikini So Teeny and Bettina Cotton Candy.

Thank you all for still being here despite my slightly irregular/sparse posting and I will answer all your comments soon, it annoys me to no end to have unanswered comments! I'm actually  pre-scheduling this and I'm nodding off as I type so I'm off to bed and feeling productive :D

Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

ABC Challenge 'M' - Catrice Mint Me Up

Hi all!

Thank you all for your well wishes on my previous post about the new job! I've been working since Monday and it's good so far but getting used to the schedule is killing me. Its definitely an adjustment and I'm working on finding a new rhythm for blogging and doing my nails that doesn't exhaust me too much so posts might be random for a bit but I promise I'll be back to full force soon!

Today I have my first Catrice polish on the blog! I have four of these beauties to show you soon but I couldn't wait to wear this one in particular and, fortuitously, it was also great for a challenge post! This baby is Catrice Mint Me Up and it's like Butter London Two Fingered Salute's long lost sister. Very similar base color (from what I can tell in pictures) and coppery flecks but this has the added golden shimmer. The effect is very subtle and from afar it looks like a dusty minty green with pretty shimmer but I know it's more special than that :D. Many many thanks to Deborah from Love, Varnish for making me need these and then actually helping me get them!! <3

This was just ONE coat! I should have done two since I see the ridges on my nails a bit but time is SO sparse lately that one coat is really all I could do and coverage was fantastic at just one.

Doing this post made me realize I missed blogging more than I thought so I'm going to take another moment to thank you all for reading my blabbering, it really does make me happy to see all your comments (which I'll respond to soon).

Have a great day loves!
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