Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 24 - Inspired by a Book

Hi guys!

Today's challenge was Inspired by a Book! I really hit a wall with this prompt too, I looked at my little bookcase hoping to be inspired by one of the book covers or one of the scenes in the book but no such luck. In a desperate attempt to not miss another challenge day, I asked my mom what my favorite book was when I was little. The answer was El Principito.

"The Little Prince" is a children's book that is insanely popular here (and maybe elsewhere?). I have very fond memories of it though I admit I have no idea what its about anymore. I just know I remember the cover vividly, and he was standing on a moon for some reason.

I decided to do my nails just from memory instead of looking it up. I started with two coats of Sation It's All Navy Baby, which is an awesome deep inky blue jelly. It has so much depth and just glassy shine and I'm so happy I found it by its lonesome at TJ Maxx.

I think the lighting is making the color look a smidge lighter. IRL, it looks more like my thumb. Then I added a pretty silver holo glitter from Forever 21.

This macro was taken after topcoat, which made my tips matte again for some reason.
Then I re-did my middle finger so I could do the moon without the glitter disturbing the background. I did the moon mixing Illamasqua Load with China Glaze Elephant Walk.

I totally regret the yellow stars but, by then, I had looked up images of the book cover and it had really pretty yellow stars, so I added them and promptly effed it up. Here's an image of the book:

Image Source
I hope you guys like this and can forgive me for skipping 'Inspired by a Movie' day. To make up for it, I have some unrelated posts lined up, starting tomorrow with a spanking new top coat comparison!

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  1. Great inspiration! I like this mani :)

  2. I'm so in love with this mani, it looks beautiful and dreamy.

    1. Thank you! I wish I could have captured the sparkle from the glitter a little better though.

  3. Kat! This is super! I love it!


  4. Too cute! I'm really loving that blue!

  5. I agree - nice inspiration! Wonderful colours

  6. Damn my TJ Maxx for not having any Sation! Gahhhhh! I need that blue!!!!

    I love The Little Prince! Really diggin' this!

    1. Ooh I'm heading back for some OPIs I didn't get last time. If they still have this one or other Sations, I'll pick some up for you! :)

  7. I was wondering if you could do a comparison between Its All Navy Baby & CG Ride The Waves, if you have it...

    1. I do indeedy! I have a couple of comparisons I wanted to do and I'll be sure to include it :)

  8. You did a great job of capturing the inspiration! Especially your moon finger - great job :)

  9. The little prince is such a great theme for a manicure. The book is amazing, and it's not only for kids.I'm glad you brought it back to my memory with your mani! Thanks

    1. Very happy to help! I'm thinking of hunting down a copy and re-reading it, I remember loving it so I'm glad my mom brought it back to my memory too.

  10. Lol, when you said 'The Prince', all I could think of was the one by Mr. Nasty himself, Machiavelli. Couldn't begin to imagine what inspiration for anything beautiful would come from that.


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