Monday, May 6, 2013

ABC Challenge 'P' & 'Q' - Pueen Q=17

Hi all!

So, since I missed two challenge posts in my absence, I decided to mash 'em up into one! I've known what I wanted to do for the 'P' challenge for a while but 'Q' was impossible, so I slightly cheated. I knew I wanted to use one of my new Pueen plates so I counted which letter Q was in the alphabet and decided I'd use that number plate. Luckily, the plate had a quilt-like image so it all worked out!

Started with two coats of OPI Russian Navy Suede (got really lucky at a beauty supply store recently and found 3 of the OPI Suedes!) then stamped my pointer and ring finger with PUEEN-17 and Essie No Place Like Chrome.

Tried going for a half-moon look with the stamp since the bottom edges on this plate are all half-moons. Not sure why, full review on the plates to come. I swear I did not like Russian Navy Suede until that macro. Just look at that depth and it's only one coat!! Only thing I'll say is that I didn't love the formula. Got thick fast and if you brushed one certain spot one time too many, it would pull the previous polish clean off, as seen on my ring finger macro.

See you soon for day R of the ABC Challenge! :)


  1. Really nice!! Love the design!

  2. Russian Navy suede is amazing! And I love your stamping, too!

  3. Half moon stamps are weird, not sure i get the point....anyhoodle, lovely mani!!

  4. Russian Navy is gorgeous! The macro shot with the stamping looks pretty cool.

  5. The stamp pattern is really pretty! I kind of agree with Nicole though, not sure I get the half moon stamp idea. Colors are gorgeous and so is Russian Navy alone too!

    1. I'm with you ladies, I don't get why that is either and it bothers me that EVERY image in this set has the half moon. I'd much rather get that tiny bit of space with the square stamp and use reinforcement stickers if ever I wanted a half moon design :/.

      Thank you for commenting, Jenni!

  6. I like your base color a lot!

  7. Your stamping looks great! That is a very pretty polish, too bad for the formula.


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