Monday, February 27, 2012

L'Oreal Now You Sea Me (Pic Heavy)

I've never been one to get mad or disappointed when one of the blogs I was following didn't post every day,  but I did think "Well, blogging doesn't seem so hard". Ooh boy was I wrong! So I want to apologize to those bloggers, I get it now. I had planned to have this post up much sooner and another that I still have to edit but this weekend I learned just how hard an overnight shift and having a cold can kick your ass.

Now this post is gonna be pretty massive. I took a buttload of pictures trying to get the color as accurate as possible and I'm pretty sure I still didn't get it, but I tried. Let's see some nails!

L'Oreal Now You Sea Me is this beautiful tealish turquoise shade. I'm not good at color descriptions but just trust me, this one is just absolutely stunning. I'm really digging these shades recently. Now, about the What you see is just two coats, but two very careful coats. You definitely have to do the least amount of brushstrokes possible and wait before doing a second coat because it will start dragging and creating bald spots. It also wants to be streaky but for this color I'll just be vewy vewy careful.

Then I did some stamping with BM-208 and my handy dandy Sally Hansen pen in chrome blue. This is where it got tricky. I did the stamping before I left for work my first night and in my hurry I dinged some nails and didn't finish others so I had to redo it the next day.


Blurry but you can see the shimmer on the stamp. And my dinged nail too :(

I'm sorry you had to see my cuticles like that, I was in the middle of mopping the floor when I saw some sunlight and snapped the pics. I really love this design and it was the first time I could make it work!

Ahh much better. This was the last mani when I fixed my nail and could sleep at night again. Also, I really have to learn to do a jump to break up posts.

Back to sleep now!

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  1. I just bought this and we have the same complexion. Thanks for posting! I'm going to wear it today.


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