Friday, September 7, 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 7 - Black and White

Hi there!

Sorry for the super late post, this is the mani I completely forgot I had to do and had no ideas on what to do in the first place. To do this I had to remove one of the most awesome things I've done in a while and it made me sad. Also, this mani gave me all kinds of trouble. First, I discovered all my white polishes are clumpy almost empty messes and I'm out of thinner. Then I remembered I had Illamasqua Load (teehee) which was white enough.

Load is really interesting color, like an off white yellow... let's not think of the inspiration for the name. The formula is a bit streaky and watery, needing 3 coats but they dry very fast so it's not bad at all. It's not a color I would reach for if I was in a hurry but I'm definitely glad to have it, love how it makes my nails look.

Once I had Load (teehee) on, I decided to go ahead with some fishnet nails. Stamped with RA-109 (I'm sure you're all sick of seeing this image) and then BM-209 with Wet 'N Wild black creme.

I'm extremely meh about these. It doesn't help that I was doing these in a hurry in an absolutely ridiculous heat. Isn't it supposed to start cooling down now? Blegh. Mostly, I think I'm just sad I had to take off what I had on. No, nevermind, I think it's the heat getting to me.

Sorry for the erratic post, I have about a zillion things on my mind. Hope you've had a better day and thanks for looking!

To see better black and white manis, do the clicky on the linkys!


  1. I <3 fishnet manis so much! And load (hehehehe) is much cooler than I expected. Also, I freakin' hate white just because it always end ups so gloppy.

  2. er...i meant ends up. I haven't had coffee yet and I don't actually make any sense until after cup 2.

  3. I think these look really cool! Love Load, it's one of my favorite Illamasquas =)

  4. Load looks awesome on you! The stamping looks great and you have lovely nails :)


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