Thursday, September 13, 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 9 - Rainbow

Hey all! Week's almost over, thank goodness. It's been light on schoolwork this week so I may have some time to do some extra manis! Woot!

I have a confession to make...I don't love rainbows... I know, I know I'm sorry! I definitely enjoy seeing a real life rainbow but the rainbow colors itself just don't really inspire me. Maybe its because I never think I have adequate rainbow colored polishes but, a lot of the time, I find rainbows too... loud? Don't know if that's the right description...moving on.

I still managed to come up with something I liked at least! Had to use Illamasqua Load as a base again due to a lack of white polishes. Waited till that dried, added striping tape and went to town. On my pointer I kept it simple with a rhinestone design I had seen previously on Kayla Shevonne (who was inspired by another blog, you can check out both here)

I really kind of liked this! Except for the fact that, thanks to the stripes, I couldn't help but notice it looks like I have a crooked nail? Now I can't file it right and it's driving me crazy GRAEWARWE.

To get the crispest line I worked two nails at a time (I was originally going to have two accent nails) and only two colors at a time. Once both sides of the tape were painted with the corresponding color, I removed that piece. I really hope that makes sense, I'm sleepy. 

Anyway, I hope you like this and if anyone wants further tips on how I did this, let me know in the comments! Remember there's many rainbows to see today so get with the clicking:


  1. For a woman who doesn't like rainbows, you sure pumped out a pretty one!

    Beautiful and creative work, Kat! Good going!


  2. How can you not love rainbows when this is abso fabulous?!?! I'm jealous of your lines!

  3. Cute! These remind me of those rainbow umbrellas you use at the beach!

  4. This looks awesome. And I'm like you, I'm not into the whole Rainbow mani thing. I Almost went with an entire mani like your accent nail too!

  5. I have to agree im not a fan of rainbows either lol, but these are freaking pretty!

  6. Love rainbows or not, you did an amazing job!!!


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