Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fancy Taffy Pants!

Hi all!

Today's post is for the ABC Challenge but I just had to go with that cute title instead of my usual "ABC Challenge 'L': blablabla".

This mani was actually completely coincidental. I painted my nails Friday with a new polish and kept it on until Tuesday (which is forever) but I had absolutely no idea or inspiration to do some nail art for today's post. It was then I realized that the mani I had worn all weekend had a polish starting with L so I used these pictures instead. I really didn't want to share this just yet for several reasons, which I'll go into later, but I didn't want to keep missing posts.

I started with two coats of China Glaze Fancy Pants and added accent nails of Lacquerlicious Tart Taffy, which had been a long time lemming ever since I saw Mimi's pics on her blog, so when a 25% off sale appeared, I pounced.

This looked so pretty but Fancy Pants chipped HORRIBLY. Within 24 hours I already had small chips at my nail tips and eventually it started peeling off in sheets. My mom had this same mani at the same time and hers didn't even last a full 10 hours, but she also has her hands submerged in water far more than I do.

Also, I ran into some issues with my Lacquerlicious polish. First of all, it's sinking :(. I can tell she's using suspension base and I know from several people that none of her polishes ever did this so it's probably a case of a bad batch. Either way, turning it upside down for a minute takes care of the problem right quick. The other issue is that it seems like some of the glitters stained my nails. It was very very faint and barely noticeable but I saw it and thought I had a rash on my nails. I am not very logical when it comes to nails. A very wonderful person indeed had the same two polishes and is trying out this combo as well to see if it stains the nails so I will update this post later with her findings and tell you if it was just me or not.

UPDATE: My very nice tester informed me she did not have any staining with the Lacquerlicious polish and she wasn't even wearing base coat! So it might have been an adverse reaction with my base coat (Nailtiques).

Small personal announcement: I'm starting a new job on Monday! That's pretty much the reason my nails have been so sad lately, I've been running around getting everything done before I start. I don't anticipate it will disrupt the blog too much but I will let you know if anything changes.

Whew! That was a much longer post than I anticipated and I didn't even go into the whole China Glaze/Vampy Varnish situation. Let's just say that as a blogger, I'm not happy with China Glaze.

Have a great day loves!


  1. This is beautiful. Too bad Fancy Pants chipped:( Good luck with your new job!

  2. Gorrrgeous, that blue base with pink shimmer is right up my alley! So sad it chips that bad! The manicure is gorgeous though :)

    Good luck in your new work! ^^

  3. Lacquerlicious Tart Taffy is gorgeous, I love all those crazy glitters!
    Good luck for your new job! :)

  4. It looks so pretty but such a shame it didn't last! ooh new job, exciting! good luck with it all x

  5. This is so pretty!! What a shame it didn't wear well :( And congratulations on the new job!!!!!

  6. Hello, sweetie! BEAUTIFUL mani, post and pix. I'm glad that you reported back on the experience had by your friend, but I'll steer clear of this particular polish. Not keen on bad batches. Or inhospitable web citizens, for that matter.

    Again, gorgeous mani, Kat!

  7. Congrats on the new job! I love LTT...those glitters are amazing!

  8. New job? Exciting!!! Congrats! I just read about the china glaze issue today, craziness! I hope with the attention the use is getting it will all get sorted but it sure leaves a sour taste in my mouth! Sorry to hear about all the issues with this mani, it is stunning though!

  9. Ditto Natalie - congrats!! LOVE this, but not happy that Fancy Pants chipped. Just recently bought that color. That glitter is awesome!

  10. I love this like crazy! You're right, Laquerlicious polishes aren't sinkers at all, and I've reveiewed a ton of them and have yet to have any staining. That is so weird. Did you let Michelle know? I'm thinking it's a bad batch since I've use them with Nailtiques as well with no issues, although body chemistry plays such a huge part in things that ya never know. I'd email her - she's so approachable.

    I know what you mean about not being rational about nails too. I've convinced myself that something I just got on a nail (that later came right off with soap and water) was a huge fungal infection, etc. The first time I had actual staining I swore that I had so me rare disease!

  11. First of all congrats on your new job!
    I love your mani and I was like totally freaked out about what you were saying about Fancy Pants because it's the only polish from the Avant Garden collection that I really wanted! One day is a big nono even if we are people who change colour quite often, you know. Pffff.

  12. I've noticed my CGs tend to chip a lot too, especially their brightly colored polishes.

    But the color combo looks awesome. I keep seeing all these great Lacquerlicious colors; I need to step up and get some.

    And HURRAYY for a new job!

  13. So pretty! I love the coloured glitter mixed with white glitter and your base colour is just gorgeous, shame it chipped so bad though.

  14. That is a beautiful manicure and glitter looks great! Too bad about the chipping and staining though :(

    Congrats on the new job!!

  15. Well despite all the issues you had, these look phenomenal! Good luck with your new job :)

  16. That stinks about the chipping, also the sinking and staining. I would contact Michelle and see what she says.I love the combo though, very pretty! Congrats on the new job too! Yay!

  17. Yaaaaay how's your new job? :D I love your mani. Too bad you had much troubles with it.


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