Friday, March 15, 2013

MASH Matte Topcoat Review

Hey all!

Today I'll be sharing my thoughts on the MASH Matte Topcoat. There's more pics than usual here so I'll just get right to it.

I started with two coats of KIKO 335 and added one sparse coat of Bokeh Effect by Makeup Withdrawal. I loved this combo, the base color of Bokeh Effect is very similar to the KIKO and I die for those copper glitters.

But this is a review! Get focused. Then I added the MASH topcoat to all the nails except my ring, on which I applied Essie Matte About You for comparison's sake since its the only other matte topcoat I own.


Both topcoats dried at the same speed but, as you can see, the Essie is more of a true matte while the MASH is more satiny. I personally prefer the MASH over Essie because the texture of the Essie was always a bit uncomfortable to me, I find it chalky. Also, the Essie appears to lighten the base color a bit and is very flat while the MASH one retains some sparkle and doesn't alter the base color.

All in all, another win from MASH for me! I really enjoy this topcoat so much more and the appearance it gives. I'm dying to use it over a gradient now, saw a matte gradient on IG recently and my eyes popped out of my head.

What do you think? Agree with me about the appearance and finish of these matte topcoats or do you have another favorite?

Have a great weekend loves!

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  1. Hot damn! I didn't know MASH made a matte coat! Not that I need another bottle (I think I have four kinds just sitting around) but something in me wants to buy it just to see how it looks compared to the others.

    That Bokeh in a Bottle isn't too hard on the eyes either.

    1. I had always meant to try the NYC matte but I really like this one so I won't now. Because who needs multiple matte topcoats? Crazy hoarders, that's who.

      Bokeh in a Bottle is all kinds of aight.

  2. Ooh I think the Mash topcoat looks better too!! brilliant photos x

    1. Right? I love how it resembles the Illamasqua rubber finish. Thank you, Char!


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