Monday, January 7, 2013

I Love NP - Little Mermaid Swatches and Review

Hi all!

I wanted to lump together the other I <3 Nail Polish brand polishes in one post but I just haven't had time to swatch them and I've been actually *gasp* wearing and enjoying them! Today I'm sharing Little Mermaid. Little Mermaid is an awesome mix of small teal hexes, tiny skinny slivers and short bar glitter with some small holo pink hexes as well as teeny tiny pink squares.

One coat of Little Mermaid over Bettina Orchidea, although I think you may be able to get this opaque on its own in 3 coats.

I'm going to be honest here, I wasn't expecting to love this one as much as I did! I'm usually one for chunkier glitters that you can see from afar but, these nails gave such a nice, sparkly but soft look. Almost princessy, if you wil (see what I did there?). I also have to mention Little Mermaid is one of my favorite Disney movies so I was excited to have this based on the name alone :D. 

As with the previous I Love NP polish, application was like butter, clump free and no dragging. Bonus: this just needs one coat of topcoat to be smooth! I love that Barbra makes such nice glitters but they're not topcoat hungry or gritty. 

You can find I Love NP on Etsy and Facebook. Since I found the brand a couple of months ago, her shop is always stocked and she has amazing customer service. She also has a blog where she shares swatches of her polishes as well as regular manis.

Have a great day! 

*I Love NP polish was sent for review. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure policy*


  1. Absolute freaking LOVE this! Wow, Kat.

    Agreed, very princessy (I'm hardly the princess type), but Yowzah, I love this one to pieces.


    PS...great color for your skin tone.

    Later, gator!

    1. Thank you darling!! I'm definitely not princessy either but the way the pink glitters shine got my <3

      In a while, crocodile ;)

  2. I just recently got this in the mail, and I am SO excited to wear it. It looks beautiful with Orchidea!

    1. Thank you, I'll love seeing your pictures of it! And wait till you see how it shines IRL :D


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