Sunday, January 13, 2013

Born Pretty Store Fine Brush Review

Hey all! Hope you've had/are having a great weekend!

I know nail art has been in short supply here lately and I do miss it, but I've been painting my nails so late that I just don't have time to experiment with nail art techniques. This is also the reason it has taken me so long to do this review. I have had this brush from the Born Pretty Store for a while and I've tried a couple of different designs with it and they've all been such a fail that I don't even take pictures before I take it off. However, I gave it another try and decided this was decent enough to post.

Up for review is THIS brush (Item ID: 3296) from Born Pretty Store. It has short flexible bristles great for fine details. It's not the best brush for straight lines (as you can see), you're still better off with a striper brush for lines, but it works great for filling in details or for a design that needs short strokes 

Grr smeared ring finger

What do you think of the design? I didn't have a plan at all when I went into it, I just started making shapes until something looked decent then I repeated that.

Remember that you can get 10% off from your BPS order using my coupon code FHL91! What kind of design would you think of for this brush? I <3 comments :D


  1. I have one of their brush sets that has 4 snall brushes. I love it. Haven't tried this one though. I do dig the design and color combo tho!

    1. Thank you darling! I hope to try out other brushes soon, I can't seem to find the one I want/need.


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