Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Nails - I Love NP 11:59!


Today I'm sharing the mani I was wearing while I rung in the new year! I meant to do nail art but I was short on time and inspiration so I went with some really awesome polishes instead. I had recently received a package from Barbra, creator of I Love Nail Polish brand (you might have seen it as I Love NP or I <3 NP) and inside was this awesome glitter from her New Year's collection called 11:59 and I immediately knew I'd incorporate it into my NYE nails someway, little did I know it would be the whole mani!

I layered one coat of 11:59 over Nails Inc. Baker St. for this look. 11:59 applied beautifully, no clumping or dragging and it wasn't too thick at all. I just dabbed lightly and then polished normally to get an even coating. I topped it with just one coat of top coat and it was completely smooth! It's worth mentioning that her polishes have a different smell than most. It hit me when I first opened the bottles but it sort of dissipated after a while and it wasn't noticeable after top coat (at least to me, I always have a stuffy nose and don't really smell everything 100%).

11:59 has a variety of black glitters and gold glitter, including some type of gold flakies and CIRCLE GLITTER. I die for circle glitter, it's my new obsession. IT'S SO ROUND. I'll give you another macro so you can see the magic again. 

I love this combo so much! These pictures were taken on day 3 and you can see there's no sign of tip wear, just the tiniest amount of growth and I'm actually still wearing it as I type! Although I am itching to change it out and try some of the other I Love NP polishes I got. When I post those polishes I'll go more in depth about the packaging, which is so top notch you could forget it's an indie brand.

You can find I Love NP on Etsy and Facebook. Since I found the brand a couple of months ago her shop is always stocked and she has amazing customer service. She also has a blog where she shares swatches of her polishes as well as regular manis!

Are you as into round glitter as I am? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and I hope you all had a great and safe new year's!

*I Love NP polish was sent for review. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure policy*


  1. This is beautiful!! I love the combination of black, blue, and gold.

  2. Need this! I have 2 of her lacquers now and it really tastes like more haha.

  3. Black and blue go so well together! This looks amazing :-)

  4. Every girl's gotta have a stash of these kinda top coats. They make every mani interesting.

    Loverly, darlin'!


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