Friday, June 22, 2012

Ride the Waves on a Copper Sandwich

IT'S FRIDAY PEOPLE!! Which means tomorrow is Saturday June 23, which means it's Noche de San Juan :D.

'Noche de San Juan' or Night of San Juan is a celebration of St. John the Baptist as well as the beginning of the summer solstice. I believe we're the only ones who celebrate it this particular way, but other countries do have traditions for this night. What we do is go to the beach at night (some people prefer pools to the possible dangers of the beach) and at the stroke of midnight jump backwards into the water 7 times. It's supposed to wash away either your sins or your bad karma, depending who you ask. Either way it's almost always a fun time (filled with drinking) and it's also my second one with my boyfriend, which is always nice.

History lesson over, nail time! For this look I used China Glaze Ride the Waves and Jordana Copper Blaze. I did one coat of RtW, one of Copper Blaze, one of RtW, one more of CB and a final coat of Ride the Waves. These were soo hard to capture because they were just so dang shiny, but I'm digging the finished look. Unfortunately these never really dried and got all kinds of messed up, but they were pretty while they lasted!

Before the final coat of blue jelly goodness:

And the finished look:

Ehh? Ehh?! I love this color. I would have passed on this if I hadn't seen it was a jelly on swatches beforehand. I have a slight blue jelly addiction. I regret nothing. I'll try to get some comparisons done this weekend so I can show you guys!

Have a good and safe weekend!


  1. It must be a wonderful holiday! I wish we celebrated solstices in Russia)
    This glitter sandwich is amazing, the combination of blue and copper always looks so great!)

    1. Thank you! I've been obsessed with blue and copper and had been looking for a copper glitter for a while, so I'm glad to have found this one.

      It is a lovely holiday, you get a really nice sense of community or "patriotism". I'm sure you have your fair share of fun holidays in Russia too ;)

  2. This sounds like a great holiday. And this mani is gorgeous and perfect for day/night at the beach.

    1. Thank you! A lot of people don't celebrate it due to the few who take the chance to steal and such, but if you're careful you can have a really nice time.

  3. I've never heard of that before but it sounds like a really nice mental cleansing. Also stop getting gorgeous blue jellies and making me... well, jelly.

    1. It is cleansing. If you don't think about the people having sex in the water and the others who probably peed in the water. Yep, that happens. It's still a lot of fun :D

      Me's sorry, meesa no wanna make you jelly. Well maybe I do, just a tiny bit.


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