Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yellow Can-Pattern Stamping

Happy father's day to all of you that celebrate it! I personally celebrate "my mom was a good father('s) day" and "older brother is closest thing I have to a father('s) day", so to all of you with unconventional families, happy day to you too!

Nothing super exciting here, just a fun experiment I had to try. I'm reaching into the vault of unposted manis for this one. "The Vault" is just manis I didn't post for some reason. Nothing wrong with 'em, just didn't love them so you never saw them.

Months ago I was at my mother-in-law's house and she had this cute little yellow can with a blue pattern that caught my attention and I realized I could recreate it with my stamping plates and so I did. I used Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow and L'Oreal Jet Set to Paris and random plate to stamp with. Either Red Angel or Bundle Monster since those are the only ones I have.

Like I said, nothing wrong, just didn't love it so I never got around to posting it.

Also, you might have noticed/read on other blogs about the problem with the malware warnings. I haven't had a warning yet and I hope none of you guys have either! I did a scan on the site and took down my blogroll for the time being just to be extra safe. 

Not a lot more to say, I'm headed to the beach to eat a LOT of food with the fam. Have a good Sunday everyone!

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