Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday's a Day for a Semi-fail!

Hey all! I've been a bad blogger, I know. I honestly got out of whack with my posting days last week but now I'm starting fresh with a (semi) fail for this Monday.

This mani was a fail because of what you can't see in the pics. The streakyness, the bubbling and multiple coats, it was just blagh. I used Essie A Crewed Interest which is a really lovely color. It was exactly what I was looking for, something peachy that didn't lean too pink. I'm still not sure the color is great with my skin tone but I like it nonetheless.

Now, about the formula. It definitely needs three coats to even everything out but I started with a too thick first coat and everything went downhill from there. Also, my base coat seems to be bubbling so of course, the polish bubbled too. Then I tried some nail art with tape but I didn't really know where to take it and the polish had started chipping already because it was so thick so I just removed everything.

The color is really worth having, just make sure to do thin coats and you'll be just peachy...get it? Peachy?

Have a good day!


  1. I've been meaning to get myself a good peach color but with my epic paleness I make everything look pink >.< This looks great on you though. I'm diggin the tape mani at the end!

    1. Oh bless your little lying heart on what barely qualifies as a tape mani! I do really like the color though, sorry about your pink pushing paleness. Tell her NO! THIS IS PEACH AND PEACH IT SHALL REMAIN and see if that works.

      My skin tone is weird, it sort of hates orange I think. Maybe because of undertones and such?

      Sometimes I wish I knew what I was talking about.


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