Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Swatchtime: China Glaze Sun Kissed and Spoiled I'm So Jaded

Doesn't that title move you? I know, it speaks volumes. So complex, so deep!

So as if you couldn't guess, today I'm showing you China Glaze Sun Kissed and Spoiled I'm So Jaded. I'm almost 92.6% sure I'm So Jaded is a dupe for I'm With the Lifeguard, the neon green in the China Glaze collection. I can't be 100% sure because I don't have both to compare but they just look so similar in pictures I can't justify buying the China Glaze one just yet.

This might look a bit boring as is, (as if neons could be boring) but that's because this was the base for some serious awesomeness that I can't wait to show you. What has two thumbs and loses pictures? THIS GIRL!

Onto the show:

"What in the world is that mess" you might ask, "why are you such a slob Kat?" Well, A) that's mean and hurtful and B) I might have had a little accident while polishing. Thankfully not a lot of precious liquid was lost and I just cleaned up after the pictures. Why didn't I do it before you ask? Well stop being nosy and asking questions, I just liked it that way.

Have a good day and see you tomorrow with some Summer Lovin'!


  1. Love this combo!! LOL @ your explanation about the mess.

    1. Glad I made you laugh! Sometimes it gets crowded in my head with all the voices in there ;)

  2. I need no explanations, my fellow mess-maker <3 I am intrigued by anything that has a neon base.

    1. And you shall not be disappointed. Well, you might, but probably not. Messes are fun though.


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