Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Essence High Spirits and DRK-A Stamping

Hello all! This post is coming to you a little later in the day due to the fact that my computer's wireless decided to die, so it's been a little tough to edit all the pics on my computer then find a way to export them to the other computers (I don't trust the USB's I have, I feel they all have viruses).

Anyway, onto the nails! For today I have my very first Essence Colour & Go polish! I randomly found an Ulta during my trip to Miami,but it was in Miami Beach so it was pretty stripped clean. I could only grab this one and another blue which I have yet to show you.

High Spirits is a great sage-y green creme with lovely silver (?) shimmer. I really need more of these Essence polishes! The formula was great, almost opaque in one coat but it looks better at two.
Then I stamped with my new DRK-A plate and Wet 'N Wild black creme.
Eep! I love this to bits. I'll confess, I mostly bought the DRK-A plate for the spiral images. I <3 me some spirals so I was thrilled this stamped so neatly. I've been in a polish funk lately, not really knowing what to wear or do because everything I tried to do was coming out sloppy :(. But now I've rediscovered why I loved stamping in the first place so I'll probably do some more combos, I still have a lot of designs I haven't tried.

There is something weird though, for some reason my NYC topcoat has had a weird effect on the tips of my nails, making them look matte.
I'm not sure if you'll be able to see what I mean, but it's weird. And annoying.

Ok, this has been long enough.... Hope you enjoyed it! (The pictures, not my rambling)


  1. I love me some spirals too! I also love me some sage green... get outta my head! I would rock those until they chipped to death.

    I see what you mean with the last pic, that IS weird. Maybe it's pooling there without you realizing it so it's drying like it's a really thick coat in that one spot?

    1. Also, TAG! YOU'RE IT!


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