Sunday, May 13, 2012

Revlon Graceful + Leopard for Mom!

Happy Mother's Day!

My mom is almost everything in my life. She's one of those supermoms who does anything and everything for her kids, including pulling double duty as mom & dad. She's incredibly strong and determined and pushy, in a incredibly good way. She's also funny.

So in honor of my mom I finally used the leopard print on my BM plates because she absolutely loves anything animal print. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my mom, which is why it's kind of sad how this mani turned out. On to a visual representation of words:

I started with two coats of Revlon Graceful. A taupe-y creamy neutral color. I really like this actually. It's not quite mannequin hands for me but clean. Then I stamped with BM-221 in Essie Little Brown Dress and dotted with....something gold. And that's when everything went wrong.

I'm so sorry. I had to redo my pinky and ring finger, and on the second try my pinky came out all weird then I forgot to clean the stamper before I did my ring finger so that's what happened with that. I really need to do shorter sentences. Maybe I shouldn't have had coffee...three weeks ago... Just kidding (Points if you know where that's from).

Hope you enjoyed this disaster if only to learn from my mistakes :)


  1. LOL I loved Easy A.

    I love love love the colors you used, even if they did get smudged. I have totally had those nights where you have to redo nails multiple times and you get so frustrated with yourself, don't worry potato you is not alone. (See the following lolcat)

  2. I literally lol'd at potato cat. Just what I needed :D

  3. Sorry about it getting messed up because the mani is awesome!

    1. It was pretty frustrating, but I'll definitely be trying this again. With more patience. Thanks for your comment !


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