Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Royal Sandwich

Hear ye, hear ye! All in attendance shall take a bow at this mighty polish.

Just kidding, I'm sure you're sitting anyway. The weirdest thing happened the other day: I sat down to do my nails and I didn't want to do anything. I was just so scattered with different ideas bouncing around but in no mood to experiment so I went for a safe choice that wouldn't disappoint me: Revlon Royal. I know I've featured this polish on here before but a) those pics were horrible and b) my nails were so short! This time around though, I knew I wanted to try sandwiching it.

Revlon Royal, in case you're not familiar, is a deep blue jelly and absolutely breathtaking if you're a blue lover (which I totally am). Beware if you're going to buy a new bottle though, apparently there was a bad batch where the pigments would settle on the bottom and not mix so they would mess up the polish.

I used one coat of Royal, one coat of Revlon Stunning then Royal again. Please excuse the awkward hands, they don't know how to pose outside their normal setting. I snapped these outside in the sunshine to better show squishyness.

And since I was outside, you get a palm tree.

 And an artsy shot on a bush

 And before the final coat of Royal

I used a thicker coat of an already-thick Seche Vite to see if that would protect my nails since I was gonna supervise my boyfriend washing cars. Spoiler alert: I didn't really do much so my nails stayed intact! Yaay.

Have a good day!

PS: This would have been up sooner but Blogger was being a pain in my butt last night so I couldn't schedule it.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it!

    1. I agree, Revlon really hit it out of the park with this one!

  2. I cannot find that polish anywhere, I have been stalking stores like a loser for weeks. I have a theory that I fail at sandwiches because of Essie Marshmallow and I need a colored jelly (mostly it's just an excuse to buy a colored jelly). These are so gorgeous!

    1. I've been stalking stores looking for the Essie Poppyrazzi collection, so I guess we're both losers? In any case, I feel ya homes.

      You do need a colored jelly though. That's a fact. Sandwiches aren't all one flavor right? So why would you not need a colored jelly?! It would be anarchy if everything was the same color/taste!

      I can get Royal for you though, let me know if you really want it. We can even do a swap like the big girls do!

    2. Oh man, I'm currently on the naughty stool for buying so much polish this past month or I sooooo would take you up on that. The second I'm off though I'm totally letting you know haha.


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