Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guest Post at The Little Canvas

Hello ladies! (Lol, totally sounds pervy in my head when I see that)

Today I'm taking over Alaina's blog at The Little Canvas! So if you want to see the details of this mani or my nails ever again, you have to go to her blog! MWAHAHAHAHA.

Or you know, you could just go to her blog because it's awesome. Seriously, she does some really  creative freehand nail art and she's a sweetheart to boot so you can't go wrong. I have my fair share of her manis in my 'to try' folder and I'm betting you will too. Also, it might sound weird but I love that the background for her pictures is grass. I don't know, it's calming to me.

Have a great day!


  1. It's going to be winter here and I can't be using the grass backgrounds much anymore =(. Stupid winter being all dark and gloomy...although today there is some sun and I have a fresh mani on so they'll be around sometimes! hahaha Glad you like them and I am in love with your guest post. Thank you again <3

  2. Pretty blingy nails, darlin'! That's why I love this season...every time I visit a favorite blog, I'm surrounded by bling! YAYAYAYAYAY :)!

    The grass is pretty...but I love your black backgrounds. Keeps my undiagnosed ADHD in check. Hee hee.


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