Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Stamping: Over Blue Base

Hey all!

Hope everyone got some great deals while shopping! Mom and I went to the mall on Friday afternoon but didn't really buy anything. We got some great online deals though! :)

Today's mani is for the Adventures in Stamping group on Facebook and the theme was 'over blue'. I didn't have a new blue polish so I went with a semi-oldie but a goodie. This is really one of my favorite blue shades because it just looks so clean!

Two coats of Essie Bikini So Teeny stamped with Mash-42 and Essie No More Film. I also accentuated the stamp with loose glequins from KKCenterHK store.

No More Film is a great stamping color except for how much it smears! I topcoated my pinky and smeared the hell out of it, so I redid it and went to sleep without topcoat thinking it would dry thoroughly and it wouldn't be a problem in the morning. Wrong! It still smeared with three different topcoats. Oh well, it still looks really cute from a distance! Maybe a little too summery for everyone else but, in PR, it's never really winter :P.

Thank you for looking and have a great day!


  1. Oh my, this is simply stunning! I love the stamp design and the colour combination :-)

  2. This mani is soooo pretty :) reminds me of porcelain

    1. I can see that too! With a white base it would have been spot on :P

  3. I love this combo!!! I really want no more film, but didn't grab it while I had the chance. Boo!

    was wondering where you were lady!

    1. I just recently got No More Film at a small beauty supply! I was totes excited to see it. Sorry I said 'totes'.

      I have been taking care of le boyfriend at his internet-less apartment! You know how men get when they're sick, lol.

  4. Damn fine job, Kat! Stamping is right on,colors work beautifully, and the added bling ties it all up.



  5. Loving the color combo :) I'm pretty lame when it comes to my stamping skills, and this makes me want to get better!


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