Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pastel Glitter and Blue Nails for Diabetes

Hey all!

I read a few days ago on facebook and twitter that today ladies would be rocking blue on their nails for World Diabetes Day. I cheated a little since I already had these pics ready to go and hadn't found a chance to post them just yet.

I started with Sinful Colors Rainstorm, this absolutely lovely dark dusty blue creme. I'm pretty sure I only needed one coat, the formula was superb. It would probably stamp really nicely... hmm...

Now for the star of this post! The other polish I received from etsy seller Makeup Your Face was this beauty, Pastel Lover's Paradise. It's blue, pink and green pastel glitter and some transluscent white shard glitter as well. It applied like a dream just as I expected, since all her glitters have been awesome.

I am not 100% sure if I topped it with Gelous and top coat or just top coat. Either way, it wasn't a hungry or gritty glitter to begin with so you likely wouldn't need Gelous. I actually wore this combo for a full 4 days! No chips or tipwear, if you can believe it.

Said it before and I will say it again, Lauren from Makeup Your Face makes some really awesome polishes. Quality is always excellent and, best of all, her customer service is top notch. I wish all indie sellers were so accommodating and genuinely sweet.

You can check out my previous swatches for I Need Blue Tonight and Keep On Loving You and you can purchase her polishes from her Etsy shop and like her on Facebook for info on restocks and previews. She also has makeup in her shop aside from polish!

Have a great day and check out the other ladies rocking blue today! 


  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Kat. My head must be in the clouds because it completely escaped me that today was WDD. It happens also to be my birthday.

    My son (Liz's brother), now a college junior was diagnosed with Type 1 when he was 11.

    It's a bee-atch of a disease.

    You've posted a great mani for a great cause.

    Thanks much!


    1. I'm very sorry for your son, Lisa. Diabetes runs in my family so I always have to be vigilant since I have hypoglycemic tendencies too. I'm very happy to have posted a mani for awareness :)

  2. PS...have I mentioned that I seriously love your thumb ring?

    I do.


    1. Aw thank you! I've had it since 8th grade. I feel extremely naked without it so I never take it off.

  3. Sparklies! I am so behind on stuff again >.<

    Also I'm with Lisa, I too am guilty of staring at that ring.

    1. It's aight, Sandy's to blame for everything so you get a pass. But everybody gets one!

      Lol, thanks. I use that ring as an anchor for the pics too, so I'm glad you guys enjoy it :D

  4. The blue base with the pastels glitters are a sight to look at :D


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