Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Finger Paints Magnetic Nail Color - Electro Midnight for Autism Awareness

I'm back! As you might have noticed I definitely wasn't able to post from my vacations but I did take pics so now you'll be able to see some of the manis I did.

This first one is what I wore on the way to Miami. I went to Sally's the day before because I was out of acetone and I found the Finger Paints Magnetic polishes! I don't know about you, but I hadn't really heard or seen anything about these being released so I grabbed the blue to try it out.

This post is also a two in one kind of deal, it's part of my small contribution to the "30 days of Blue for Autism Awareness" you might have seen on other blogs. I study psychology and Autism is one of the disorders that have always interested me because it has such a wide variety of symptoms and affects people in so many different ways. My fellow blogger at Kimber's Lacquer Korner is participating and has a beautiful post about her daughter that I encourage you all to read.

Now for the polish! The pics are a little weird looking since I took them where I found some random sunlight where I was staying, so just keep that in mind ;)

I have to say I'm in love with this polish! It comes in a bottle identical to the Nails Inc. polishes. I did use the Finger Paints magnet and the Nails Inc. to compare and got a better result with the Nails Inc., but I think that was just user error because I really can't see any difference between the magnets. 

It also has a very good formula and it didn't stain upon removal unless you kept using a dirty cotton ball.

Now I'm off to baby my nails because they haven't had a decent mani in a while, everything I did was always so hurried!

Thank you for looking and see you in a bit!


  1. Really pretty! I love magnetic polishes!

    1. Thank you! I really have to watch myself, I might end up hoarding every magnetic nail color out there if I let myself!

  2. Oh man, I must get these! I've been on a magnetic polish kick lately and have been grabbing every brand possible! Also, thanks so much for the mention. It really touches my heart that you did a blue mani for Autism Awareness, and mentioned my daughter. I wasn't aware that you were interested in Austism Spectrum Disorders! If you ever need any insight on them, let me know. Kalli's official diagnosis is Asperger's Syndrome, ODD, ADHD and mild Tourette's (she has facial tics occasionally). I'm well versed in the clinical side of Autism, as well as living it for 10 years and I'm always willing to give people firsthand insight.
    I'm so touched that you did this. It always make me all warm and fuzzy when my fave bloggers mention our cause!

    1. You must! I'm still in the process of tracking down the Icing magnetics as well as the Color Club ones!

      It's absolutely my pleasure to do a mani and mention you when I see it's an important subject for you and something more people need to be aware of as well! I think I have to do a report on Asperger's in the future so I just might take you up on your offer ;)

  3. Great mani! You did a really good job of getting the pattern completely around the nail. Oh and I love your posts. They are always very insightful. Keep it up!

    Check out my review of Electro-Midnight here:


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