Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NOTD: Bettina Aqua

Hello again!! Sorry I've been MIA for a couple days, it's been a bit crazy busy but I do have some good news to share.... I no longer have a job!! I know, being unemployed is really nothing to celebrate in this economy and I am freaking out about not having an income but, honestly, I had grown to hate that job so much I just couldn't do it anymore. Between the schedules, the attitude and the fact that I would be on lay-off for an entire week but they would call me every day that week for me to come in, I was just DONE. And now you guys have me full time ;)

Another piece of good news: I'm leaving for Miami tomorrow! It's my cousin's wedding on Saturday and that's part of why I've been so busy as well, getting the dress, the shoes, etc.

Now, onto the nails!!

This was a look I did almost a week ago and I'd procrastinated on posting the pictures because they were so horribly color inaccurate. In the end I loved the mani but I just felt I needed to do this color justice and my swatches certainly don't accomplish that.

This lovely is Bettina Aqua, a bright turquoise/aqua creme that has way more green in it than my pictures show. It's very in-your-face in the best of ways. I wore this alone for one day and (as you can see with the little sneak peek on my pinkie) I did some nail art afterwards. I left the pinky showing so you can compare something in the other pictures...

Then I just grabbed a my largest dotting tool and my white polish (Sally Hansen Hard to Get) and went to town with the dots. Now, as you can see on my pinkie, it looked white when I applied it, however, the top coat turned it a bit yellow... I kind of preferred it that way, it looked a bit dirtier but still contrasting. I actually got a lot compliments on these nails and someone even said they looked like Yoshi!

Phew! Sorry for the long post but I had stuff to say! Now I've got some posts scheduled in my absence but they're not that many so I will try to post during my trip if I have a chance. I'm especially excited about the wedding mani! (Psst...I'm hoping it will have something to do with fish eggs if you catch my drift).

See you soon and thank you for looking!

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