Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nubar Blueberry and Holo Magic! (Pic Heavy)

Good morning! Today is a day of awesomeness. I hope you enjoy this very picture loaded post and I don't bore you!

As I was doing my nails on Sunday and I was feeling pretty bummed to be honest. I wasn't in love with the mani I did for the challenge and didn't know what to apply to my nails to make me happy so I went to my comfort zone, blues. I also wanted to feature some more blues for Autism Awareness month so I settled on Nubar Blueberry.

I had previously swatched Blueberry and hated it. It was so sheer and seemed to never dry but I kept admiring the bottle color so I gave it another shot. I still hate the formula. I generally lean away from 3 coaters anyway but this one, again, just didn't seem to dry. I thought last time (and maybe this time too) it was due to a gloppy base coat but it was just so easily dented long after I applied my quick dry top coat that I dented one nail and had to re-do another. That being said, I think I need a backup bottle (or a dupe with a better formula). The color is just that damn gorgeous. If you're a blue lover, you're probably gonna need this one. It's like Revlon Royal but brighter. I have one shot in artificial light and one in sunlight.

I wore it like this for a day when I got one of the best packages EVAH. I've been lusting after the Hits No Olimpo collection since it came out, entered giveaway after giveaway to no avail and stalked them on Ninja Polish. Finally, I caved and bought them on Llarowe! I only ordered Apolo and Hefesto ... for now... Anyway, I layered Apolo on my ring finger and Hefesto on my thumb and then I took way too many pictures.

Hefesto is actually a little more holo than Apolo, but I only did one coat of each, so the holo effect on Apolo will probably be deeper when I wear it as a full mani. Either way, they both have rainbow awesomeness that makes my heart happy.

So that's pretty much it. A beautiful blue with a so-so formula and holoy goodness. I do hope you'll forgive my pic spam ;) 

See you soon for day 4 in the Spring Challenge!


  1. I love that blue! Where can I get Nubar from in the US?

    1. Well I know you can get them on their official website Bynubar.com but since they didn't ship here I resorted to ebay. If you're interested I think I can rustle up the name of the seller, they were very good and had really careful shipping!

  2. The Nubar is pretty by its self. But when you added the Hefesto it looks even more amazing.


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