Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Bundle Monster Fright Night Entry!

Hello ladies!

I finally worked up the courage to actually enter a contest! You probably know about the Bundle Monster Fright Night contest that's going on and many of you probably entered. Very very late the night before submissions were due, I decided to go for it and came up with something I liked (for the most part).

I started with a base of Pop Beauty Mandarin on all nails. Then, I grabbed Illamasqua Prosperity (the purple from the newer Rubber Brights) and did a saran wrap mani and stamped with BM 224 and 225. On my pointer and pinky I did a 'scratch' technique I had done by accident on some nails before and I kept thinking it could be a cool effect, but eventually forgot about until Neverland Nail posted her own scratch nails with layered colors (see her post here). On my thumb I freehanded a little Jack 'O Lantern face with Prosperity as well.

I quite liked the results! Maybe not up to par with what I would have wanted to submit to such a big contest, but I'm still proud of myself for having the balls to submit it :D

You can check out all the entries on Bundle Monster's page on Facebook and, if you so wished, you can vote for my entry HERE (I will love you forever if you do!). 


Thank you for taking the time to comment! I really cherish each and every piece of feedback I might get.

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