Monday, October 15, 2012

Baptiste had Twins! (Feat. Born Pretty Studs)

Hello all!! I tried to edit as much as I could but this is still slightly wordy. You've been warned!

Today is pretty exciting for me, it's my very first twin post! You all should know Kimber, who organized the 31 Day Challenge I'm participating in and you might also remember that she won my giveaway. When I asked her which Illamasqua she would like for her prize, she just told me she trusted my judgement and I could choose for her. This promptly sent me into a permanent state of worry that maybe I would pick something she didn't like.

Eventually, I manned up and browsed her blog to see which shades she favored and thought she might like a good vampy. I had always seen Illamasqua Baptiste but never gave it much thought so,  while I was at Sephora, I looked up swatches and did this face O_O. It was so pretty! It was settled, I was sending her one. But I liked it so much I grabbed one for myself too and that's pretty much how this twin post came to be!

For this mani I started with two coats of Baptiste and did a stripe down the middle in OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI. Then, I placed these square studs (Item ID: 2859) from the Born Pretty Store. Sorry I don't have swatches of Baptiste on its own, the pics came out horrendous and I didn't know until I had already added everything else :(. My twin has swatches! And they're awesome. Check 'em out here.

And this is how you receive the studs from Born Pretty

To apply them, I just used a dotting tool to add a little topcoat to where I wanted the stud and, using the same dotting tool with what was left of topcoat, picked the stud and placed it. Add a coat of topcoat and you're done! They really stay in place and you can even cut them if you had to. I cut the edge of one stud on my ring finger with a cuticle nipper for a better fit.

I loved this whole look, the studs look so edgy and eye-catching. I have another look with these coming up to show you another way you can use them. If you're planning on making a purchase from the Born Pretty Store, remember you can get 10% off with my code FHL91.

Obviously, you need to go to Kimber's blog and see how she used Baptiste today. She really is one of the sweetest girls I've met and she helped me out a lot before I even started the blog so go show her some lurve!

*Born Pretty Store item was sent to me for review. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy* 


  1. Oh wow, this is STUNNING!!!! Love love love!!!! Adding to my MSMD folder!!!!

    1. Thank you Gosia! I'm pretty flattered even if I have no idea what MSMD means :D

  2. I really love this color! Kimbers swatches are so awesome, I had to see yours too! I like the stripe and studs too. I need to get on getting some studs!

    1. Yess I love her pictures! I had been eyeing the studs for a while and don't regret them at all, I know I will get a lot of use out of them :)


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