Sunday, March 11, 2012

Black and White Challenge Day 4 - White Base with Color

Beware of the fail ahead! You should probably avert your eyes, it's not pretty.

Still here? Ok then. Today is day 4 of the Black and White Challenge from Mateja at Purple Glitters and Dolores at Colorful Bottle. The mani of the day was white base with some color and I thought of watercolor nails! Mind you, this only happened because I failed hard at creating the mani idea my boyfriend gave me.


Sorry for the less than stellar cleanup!
I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Hard to Get and I was really liking the stark white nails! It made them look longer somehow. I almost didn't watercolor at this point. I should have listened to myself.

Oh. They look like clown nails or something. I tried to replicate Chalkboard Nails' look but I didn't have the same colors and I just don't like the ones I chose. I'm not even 100% on which color is on which nail because I changed them up between nails when I saw they didn't spread or mix like I thought they should. The general idea though was red, yellow, blue and purple. A lime green snuck in there on one nail too to see if I could salvage it but, alas, it was too late. 

I'm sorry I don't have anything better to show you but after a day of dress shopping I'm just too beat to redo them. Not to mention that I already missed the challenge "deadline" on almost every time zone (I think?).

Remember to see what the other ladies participating came up with! You probably need it after seeing mine.


Thank you for taking the time to comment! I really cherish each and every piece of feedback I might get.

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