Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sinful Colors Cinderella vs. Revlon Blue Lagoon

Today I have a comparison for you guys. It's my first one so be gentle! Lately all the drugstore buzz has been about Sinful Colors Cinderella. It's a beautiful light blue with a strong pink shimmer but when I first saw the swatches it reminded me of Revlon's Blue Lagoon (minus the pink) so I decided to pass on it. Then came along the Walgreen's sale and I saw Cinderella there for just 99 cents and I couldn't resist!

Similar, no? See more pics and the verdict after the jump!

Blue Lagoon on pinky and middle finger, Cinderella on ring and index finger.
As you can see Blue Lagoon is more opaque and a tad brighter while Cinderella can look dustier in certain lighting. Cinderella also has the pink shimmer running through while Blue Lagoon has lighter blue shimmer particles. Now, the main and most important distinction between these is the formula. Blue Lagoon is so thick and it's actually been that way since I bought it, which I thought was weird. Maybe I had a bad bottle but you can see on my pinky where it just did not want to flow into the corner without flooding the whole cuticle so I just gave up. Cinderella has a wonderful jelly-like formula but it is more sheer. On my ring finger I have two coats and on my index I have three coats so you can see the difference. I actually prefer the look at two coats, you can see some very slight VNL in direct sunlight but I like that it looks so delicate. With three coats you give the shimmer more depth.

Blue Lagoon - Cinderella (two coats each)

I hurried the cleanup on my thumb and ruined the bottom corner, hence the cropped pic.

Now on my thumb I have two coats of Cinderella over Sally Hansen Whirlwind White and that actually brings it closer to Blue Lagoon in terms of opacity.

My final verdict: Not dupes at all! The shimmer really sets apart Cinderella from Blue Lagoon and I absolutely love how squishy it looks (and applies) versus Blue Lagoon's thicker, chalkier formula so if I had to choose, I would recommend the Sinful Colors over the Revlon. Oh, Revlon's shimmer also makes for a more difficult cleanup for some reason, so I apologize for the random shimmer particles. It was late and I was complacent.

On a more personal note, I filed down my nails a bit to make them a bit more even since my middle and index fingers still refuse to grow. I actually have a weird corner on my middle finger because I just refused to lose anymore length :(

Happy Polishing!

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