Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Illamasqua Muse and flakies!

Happy tuesday! I meant to have this up yesterday but le boyfriend didn't go to work and he kidnapped me. I regret nothing, hope you guys understand ;). We also started at the gym yesterday for my cousin's wedding so we shall see how I feel during the rest of the week!

Now this is going to be a monster post again because I loved every layer of this mani so you'll see the finished product now and most of the post under the jump!

It all started with one coat of the lovely Illamasqua Muse. This is my third Illamasqua and so far, all of them are one coaters! Still expensive but when I have a Sephora gift card I like to splurge!

Here she is all on her own. Isn't that a perfect teal creme? Reminds me of Sally Hansen's Complete Salon in Fairy Teal. I might do a comparison on them later. Then I decided to stamp with Spoiled's Deeper Dive....but you almost couldn't tell there was anything on there so I just layered it on top.

I couldn't get a good picture of all my nails at this step but look at that (bad) macro! It's all glass fleck-y and shimmery. Then, because that just wasn't enough for me I added Essie's Shine of the Times!

Ahh fiery flaky love! Now the original idea was to stamp over this for a mermaid nails look, like so:

Sorry for the bad cellphone pic!
For the stamp I used RA-111 and Sally Hansen Silver Sweep and green chrome pen for a really cool effect (that I obviously didn't take a decent pic of) but I just couldn't bring myself to cover it all up! So I redid my pinky and added top coat.

Now that I've worn it for a couple days I'm wondering if I should mattify it and stamp it if I'm just going to take it off tomorrow anyway for the 3rd Black and White Challenge. Maybe I'll just try it again in the future.

I'd also like to say thank you to anyone reading this and the comments you've left. I really read them all and appreciate every single one!

See you tomorrow for another Black and White day!

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  1. This combo is so beautiful! I love.

    I'm a new follower so be sure to pop by my blog and say hi :)


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