Monday, March 26, 2012

Black and White Challenge Day 9 - Watermarbling

Oh no! Challenge is almost over! (And I almost didn't post today).

It's been a very very lazy day. Just lounging around watching movies with le boyfriend. He really liked today's nails.

Challenge for today was *watermarbling*! I was really excited for today because I've tried watermarbling just once before and got ok results and was eager to try again.

 Continue reading after the jump for more pics! (And a bonus unrelated picture)

Now, I don't totally hate it, but I do wish they were a bit more uniform. I believe my problem is that I don't get the rings small enough or I don't do the design small enough for my nails and that's why I miss with the placement. Either way, everyone who's seen them so far says they like the randomness so yay? 

Now, dun dun dun duuunnn!! I present to right hand!

 Now please excuse the tipwear, I didn't top coat them and had to give my baby a bath and my skin has been itchy so the nails took a beating before I took the pictures. I definitely want to try these again and I really liked the colors I chose (the purple was Bettina Art Deco Purple btw).

On a more personal note, I'm sick and tired of all this rain we've been getting. It just makes me not want to get out of my bed (more than usual).

 I want to have this again. 

My baby enjoying the water

And before we left. She was excited.

 See all that sunshine? Sigh. 

We just have one more mani left! Enjoy them while you can MWAHAHA! But seriously, look at the other blogs' work  :)


  1. I like the color choice. I think it turned out very nice.

  2. Amazing watermarble!! I love the colors that you chose. I think this would look super cool with a matte top coat on top as well!

  3. amazing *.*
    love the colors you've choose :-D

    1. Thank you very much! I loved your last mani for the challenge btw!

  4. I love love love these colors!!! Great job on the marbling! If you want the flower design to really show, I'll share a secret...shhhhhhh....don't tell! ;)

    I use either a Dixie Cup or a larger shot glass. Big enough to get a good amount of color variation but small enough to make sure your design will fit on all your nails.

    I do really like how this came out though. One of the problems with marbles is that you can only do so many designs. I love seeing marbles that are just randomly created and placed. It really makes your mani *yours* ya know?

    1. Ah, I knew it! I need some Dixie Cups asap. Thank you as always!

      Everyone who saw it said they liked the randomness, I just have a touch of OCD sometimes and I've seen so many beautiful flower marbles. I do like how some of my nails turned out though, I also have to work on using the colors in the same order.


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