Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Black and White Challenge Day 5 - Color Base with Black

'Ello! Welcome back for another Black and White Challenge day!

Today we had the task of creating a mani with a color base and black accents. This is much more up my alley, with this challenge I've discovered I don't necessarily love black nails. They look so chic on some people, maybe it's just my nubbins.

For this look I started with two coats of Wet 'N Wild's I Need a Refresh-Mint. I absolutely love this color! I still want China Glaze's For Audrey but this satisfies that for the time being. Now, about the brush...I know a lot of people hate it because it's so big and floppy but for some reason it gives me near perfect application and a very clean cuticle line! I rarely had to do any cleanup and it was a one coater on most nails, but maybe I was using a thicker coat. Then I fell asleep and ruined it. The mani was so full of sheet marks on every single nail that I almost just scrapped it all, but I really enjoyed it so to try to save it I sponged a very thin layer of China Glaze's Some Like It Haute, a charcoal black glitter with holo glitter mixed in.

What's this?! No sheet marks? Oh Seche Vite, you always hide my imperfections! Except you also shrunk my mani from the cuticles and the sides. Oh well. It looked so girly and clean but I though it didn't have enough black for this challenge so I stamped with Wet 'N Wild black creme and BM-208.

I'm really digging the finished look! My mom didn't adore the plain sponging but she loved the stamping. I think she thought my cuticles looked dirty or something.

So there you have it! We're officially halfway through the challenge and I'll be very sad the day it's over. I've enjoyed seeing everyone's manis and feeling like a part of something.

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  1. Beautiful color and whole manicure! :)

  2. I love this! Both with and without stamping!


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